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Item Code: SOMNO HD
Polysomnography in High Definition.
Compact. Robust. Intelligent. Easy.
 Available in: Australia, New Zealand, Europe , UK
 Unavailable in: China

Features include:

  • HD touch screen - signal check on screen, Zoomable signals, selectable time base, Intuitive, easy handling with gesture control, Direct start of the measurement on device
  • Minimum number of cables - professional RIP: builtin for abdominal effort, minimum number of cables for highest patient, comfort during measurement
  • Intelligent Connect - easy sensor & electrode recognition, freely selectable channels, change or add sensors during recordings, no predefined configurations (montages) needed
  • Docking Station - charging of the Li-Ion battery (duration 1h/PSG), data transfer (90 s for a full PSG), firmware updates, device status displayed on PC, 3-port docking station: for synchronous and neat usage of up to three SOMNO HD
  • The Power - Up to 70 channels (10 internal, 28 external on device, 17 EXG with standard PSG headbox or 32 EXG with the 32 channel headbox)
  • Highest signal quality - Sampling rate: up to 4 kHz per channel, EXG channels with 24 bit resolution, low noise technology (excellent signal-to-noise ratio), continuous impedance check during recording, active sensor technology (built-in amplifier and filter)