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Aeonmed | CPAP Machine

Aeonmed | CPAP Machine

Item Code: BHC-AS100A

The auto Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) machine is a home medical device that supplies a continuous stream of pressurised air to ensure a better night sleep and prevent the symptoms of sleep apnoea. CPAP opens the airways by supplying positive pressure in an automatic, adjusted rate to ensure a tailored and improved sleep.


-        Lightweight and portable design with entire machine weighing 1.26kg

-        Automatic Adjustment Intelligence which intelligently adjusts pressure according to airway resistance based on different body positions and different sleep stages

-        3.5 inch colour touchscreen

-        Built-in alarm clock

-        Low noise levels with the whole system operating as low as 28dB

-        Intelligent drying technology dries the tubing to prevent bacteria growth

-        HEPA Filter with up to 20 cm2 PM2.5 pollen filter ensuring efficient filtering (additional)

-        5 years of data storage with CPAP SD card-Readable through PC



What’s included:

-        CPAP Machine with an adjustable pressure range

-        Heated humidifying attachment

-        HEPA Air Filter attachment (optional)

-        Charging power adapter

-        Power cord

-        Flexible passageway tubing

-        Carrying case

-        SD card

-        User manual