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Ganshorn | PowerCube Ergo

Ganshorn | PowerCube Ergo

Item Code: Ganshorn | PowerCube Ergo

The PowerCube® Ergo is the ideal system for the measurement/evaluation of gas exchange of O2 & CO2 under load/stress. The system flow sensor (variable orifice pneumotachograph) is lightweight and completely insusceptible to moisture and condensation so is the most suitable flow sensor for the intended use.
Provides minimal resistance to airflow and is extremely comfortable to wear with both mask and mouthpiece. The super-fast highly stable gas analysers give real breathby-breath measurements. The system is fully interfaced with a high quality ECG featuring fast sampling rates to achieve accurate results. The user interface can be freely configured for measurement and interpretation.

 Available in: Australia
 Unavailable in: France, China

Features Include

  • High speed ultrasonic (patent) CO2 gas analyser.
  • Rapid response electrochemical O2 cell analyser.
  • Simultaneous display of the 9-panel-diagram according to Wasserman (also on-screen during the measurement)
  • Automated determination of the anaerobic threshold by set methods (V-Slope, CO2-excess, EQO2 Minimum, RQ=1) or manually in the diagrams Multiple ventilatory threshold-detection analysis with 7 different threshold determinations
  • Easy-to-use, beautifully designed user interface with intuitive workflow on modern LFX software platform
  • Customise your panel during cardiopulmonary exercise testing or review
  • Real time acquisition and capturing of dynamic Flow-Volume for End Expiratory Volume Loops (EEVL) for  valuation of ventilatory limitation
  • Automatic AT and RCP detection at the end of each test
  • Powerful post-test editing phase for data filtering, calculation of thresholds VT1, VT2, VO2max, EEVL, VE/VCO2 slope, intercept and other parameters