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Ganshorn | PowerCube Diffusion+

Item Code: Ganshorn | PowerCube Diffusion+

The PowerCube Diffusion+ System is the diffusion system of choice based on accuracy, ease of use, reliability and cost of running.


  • In-built SpiroScout - includes all associated features
  • Meets ERS/ATS standards for determination of diffusion capacity (DLCO SB) - parameters include DLCO, KCO, VA, TLC, FRC, RV
  • Continuous display of the exhalation concentration for CO and Helium for the precise differentiation of dead space and alveolar plateau
  • Free of breathing bags - Gas intake is regulated and waste is minimised
  • 3D swivel arm - the mouth sensor can be exactly adjusted to position of the patient
  • Long life gas analysers - No replacements or periodic changes needed
  • Rapid response real time infrared CO analyser
  • Real time ultrasonic molar mass Helium analyser
  • Mechanical valves (no problematic balloon valves)
  • Nitrogen washout option available including LCI
  • MIP/MEP (max. pressures) inc. P0.1 option available
  • Rocc option available

View our PowerCube Diffusion+ Brochure here.

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