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SureGard | Reusable Adapter

SureGard | Reusable Adapter

Item Code: BHC-RA

One patient. One consumable.

Custom adapters made to order to create direct fitment for your existing SureGard filter on your device's proprietary mouthpiece.

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 Available in: Australia, New Zealand
 Unavailable in: France, UK, China

Share a single filter across all lab-based testing devices.

Bird Healthcare's in-house product development and design team have successfully designed and developed a number of custom bacterial/viral filter adapters for a broad range of medical applications.

As an ISO13485 certified medical device manufacturer we have been able to provide industry-leading filtration to a vast range of medical devices including:

  • Resuscitation bags
  • Spirometers
  • Ventilators
  • Face masks
  • biPAP & CPAP machines

We have a filter solution for all devices.

For more information or for special adapter requests, please enquire with your local representative or click here.

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