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SOMNOmedics | SOMNOscreen Plus

SOMNOmedics | SOMNOscreen Plus

Item Code: SOMNOscreen Plus
Cardio respiratory Polygraphy with advanced analyses for ENT
 Available in: Australia, New Zealand, Europe , UK
 Unavailable in: China

Features include:

  • Easy Handling - Easy to apply, pre-programmed or manual start which can run for up to 18 hours
  • Full cardio respiratory screening
  • Upgradable to a full portable polysomnography system
  • Up to 58 channels
  • High sampling rate - For the best recording of respiratory sounds a high sampling rate of the signal is required. Since the usual 100 Hz are not sufficient for this application, the SOMNOscreen plus offers a sampling rate of up to 4 kHz.
  • Audio playback of the snoring sounds - The additional possibility to acoustically replay the snoring sound directly from the raw data in the DOMINO analysis software allows a subjective judgement of the respiratory sound during the analysis.
  • FFT frequency analysis - allows a modern and easy analysis of respiratory sounds as well as the analysis of all other recorded signals.