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Grip Nose Clips

Grip Nose Clips

Item Code: BHC-NC-RED

Grip nose clips are designed to stack and clip into each other for greater storage economy. Packs of 100 come economically & efficiently packed inside a box of a box of SureGard filters to reduce additional freight costs. Both are packaged and product are 100% recyclable and are able to be disposed of via the recycling bin.

Contact Bird Healthcare today for a Green & Lean tri-combo (Grip, SureGard Filter & e-chamber Spacer) quote to suit your needs. All products are recyclable and packaged efficiently for low cost freight whilst minimising the impact on the environment.

 Available in: Australia, New Zealand, France, UK
 Unavailable in: China

Features Include

  • 100 per bag
  • Ergonomic & comforting silicone pads
  • Stacks for easy storage and affordable shipping
  • Recylable
  • Available as a Green & Lean Tri-Combo (Grip, SureGard Filter & e-chamber Spacer)