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e-chamber | Portable Nebuliser

e-chamber | Portable Nebuliser

Item Code: BHC-NEBPRO-1


Features include:

  • Portable lightweight design
  • Comes with 2 masks, mouthpiece, charger and travel case.
  • Quiet in operation 
  • Detachable parts for easy cleaning 
  • Built in rechargebale battery with micro USB charging port
  • MMAD of 2.5µm - 4.5µm
  • Nebuliser rate of 0.3ml/min - 0.7ml/min
  • 3 month warranty on the removeable head and 12 month warranty on the body. 

With the hospital environment increasingly becoming a potential source of infection and a higher risk of infectious disease, Bird Healthcare has received an increased demand for this product.
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Recommended for use with Hypertonic Saline, Salbutamol, Tobramycin, Pulmozyme, Ipatropium Bromide and Budensonide

 Available in: Australia, New Zealand, Europe, UK
 Unavailable in: China

The e-chamber Portable Nebuliser is a low-cost, lightweight and compact device that is able to provide delivery of prescribed medication, in instances where a spacer & puffer is not suitable. With its slim and compact design, the portable nebuliser can ensure effective and comfortable medication delivery while on the go or travelling. The special Active Mesh Technology employed in the e-chamber portable nebuliser allows for smaller medication particles to be delivered to the smaller airways of the lungs.

The e-chamber portable Nebuliser is a hand-held mesh portable nebuliser, powered by a rechargeable lithium battery. Inclusive of adult and child masks, mouthpiece, charger and carry case