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KoKo PX 3000 Lung Function System

Item Code: KoKo-PX-3000


HDpft 3000's exclusive Single-Breath, linked maneuver delivers Diffusing Capacity (2 methods offered) and Lung Volume results in a single 15-second examination sequence. iFRC reduces variability in Lung Volumes (Multiple-Breath nitrogen washout) with the ability to link Closing Volumes and Gas Distribution measurements. High Definition accuracy in every testing process ensures the confidence you need, even when testing your most challenging patients.

Tests Performed:

  • Spirometry (FVC, MVV, SVC) (36 parameters)
  • Lung Volumes (Single-Breath & Multiple-Breath) (26 parameters)
  • Diffusing Capacity (Single-Breath & 3-Equation) (43 parameters)
  • Bronchoprovocation (Multiple Protocols)
  • Maximum Pressures

Stremalined Physician Access:

  • Create trend graphs for longitudinal analysis
  • Comprehensive, customizable reporting
  • Automate transmission of test results to the next step in your workflow
  • Remote and dedicated physician workstations
  • EMR/HIS connectivity via Iris Connect
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