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Inofab Health | SpiroClinic Pro

Inofab Health | SpiroClinic Pro

Professional Ultrasonic Spirometry Platform. Calibration free with unparalleled accuracy using ultrasonic technology. Use SpiroCloud Portal to integrate patient data from personal and pro devices.
Includes 1x SpiroClinic Pro, 1x Smart Dock, 1x License for SpiroCloud Portal
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 Available in: Australia, Europe
 Unavailable in: China

Sectional view of the SpiroClinic Pro

Ultrasonic Technology

Re-calibration-free technology with unparalleled accuracy even at slow flow rates. Power the only standard AA batteries.

SpiroClinic Pro being docked into the Smart Dock

Smart Dock

Auto-senses temperature, humidity, pressure, device connectivity and more. Patent-pending technology.

Bacterial filter removed from SpiroClinic Pro

Test and Toss

Attaching single-use bacterial-viral filters protects patients and keeps device safe to use.

SpiroCloud: One platform, Endless Possibility

Data from SpiroHome Personal, SpiroClinic Pro devices integrated and centralised on a web-based platform for doctors and researchers.

Available on Multiple Platforms

Download the SpiroClinic App on devices running Windows, iOS and Android. The SpiroClinic App simplifies spirometry for both patients and doctors with real-time feedback, error code detection, and session grading. An unlimited number of patients can be registered to one SpiroClinic App account.

  1. ATS/ERS 2019 compliant
  2. GDPR Compliant
  3. Real-Time Feedback

Spirometry Simplified

Equipped with an extensive range of measured parameters and graphical data, healthcare professionals can make accurate diagnosis and comprehensively evaluate treatment efficacy.

  1. Intuitive app
  2. Error Code Detection
  3. Session Grading
  4. EHR Integration Options
  5. Export and Share Data