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Suregard | Reusable Personal Protective Mask

Suregard | Reusable Personal Protective Mask

Item Code: BHC-RPFM-1, BHC-RPFM-10, BHC-RPFM-100

Porous polyurethane material for protection against dust & pollutants.
Compatible with Suregard Bacterial/Viral Filter Inserts - 1 Included

  • One-way exhalation Valve
  • Washable in water
  • Comfortable fit with unrestricted breathing
  • Universal sizing

Includes: 1x Reusable Personal Protective Mask, 1x Bacterial/Viral Filter Insert

Single patient use

Available individually or in quantities of 10 and 100.


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The Suregard Reusable Personal Protective Mask is a universally fitting mask suitable for adults.
This mask uses a porous polyurethane material offering protection from dust & pollutants.
This mask serves as a physical barrier to prevent you from touching your face and maintain good hygiene.

Universal Sizing

The Suregard Reusable Personal Protective Mask has universal sizing for all adult face shapes and ears. The double layered neoprene is 2-way stretchable to seal around your nose bridge, chin and ears. This stretch factor offers all day comfort, free from irritation around most ears.

Fitting Instructions

Step 1Step 2Step 3 & 4
  1. Open the bag and pull out the mask taking extra care to only handle the outside of the mask
  2. If using the Suregard Bacterial/Viral Filter Insert, position the filter (over the exhalation port) and press to bind.
  3. Unfold and stretch the ear straps over your ears - the correct orientation is with the valve on the left
  4. Position the mask so it completely covers your chin and nose bridge

When removing, be careful not to touch the inside of the mask.

Cleaning Recommendation

Wash in warm soapy water by hand after every week of use. If sick, wash daily. Can be washed and used until the mask no longer seals across your nose bridge and chin. This will vary from person to person. 

Storage Recommendation

When not in use, keep the mask folded and store sealed in a container or in the original packaging.


A Suregard Bacterial/Viral Filter Insert when installed in the Reusable Personal Protective Mask does NOT guarantee filtration of microscopic virus particles. This is dependent on the fit and seal of the mask and the fit and seal of the filter insert against your face.

*BFE (Bacterial Filtration Efficiency) and VFE (Viral Filtration Efficiency) tests using Staphylococcus Aureus (*ATCC #6538) and bacteriophage PHI X174 (*Dimension about 0.025 ). Coronavirus species range in size from 0.06 to 0.2 (Click here for documentation)