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Ganshorn | SpiroScout

Ganshorn | SpiroScout

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The SpiroScout® spirometer by GANSHORN, featuring ultrasonic technology is the new age alternative to the pneumotachograph. The SpiroScout presents the most modern technology on an easy to use and intuitive software platform


 Available in: Australia
 Unavailable in: France, China

Measurment Principle 

Two diagonally opposed ultrasound transducers alternately send and receive ultrasonic waves in order to sense flow/volume.

Without any air flow inside the breathing insert, the transit time of the ultrasound waves is the same in both directions. Any air flow inside the insert will accelerate the waves in one direction and slow them down in the other. The higher air flow, the higher the difference between the ultrasonic waves thus a differentiation in flow/volume.

All other factors (gas properties, humidity, temperature) are the same for both directions and cancel each other out.

Easy Cleaning

Suitable for disposable mouthpieces and/or bacterial filters (a permanent breathing insert with bacterial filter connection is available for SpiroScout).
Designed without any moving parts, the optional breathing insert can be removed quickly and easily for disinfection.

Features Include

  • Enhanced spirometry - featuring FEV1, FVC, MVV, ERV, VC, IC, PEF amongst a long list of available parameters
  • High resolution flow transducer - with 1,000 single measurement points per second (1000Hz) comparable devices are generally running at less than 200Hz
  • Calibration optional - an advantage that pays off daily
  • No perceptible resistance in the breathing insert especially helpful for patients with respiratory limitations
  • Real time BTPS correction - drift free, high accuracy (no changes of measurement values due to changing ambient conditions)
  • No substitute parameters for flow (e.g differential pressure)
  • Maintenance free no moving parts or resistance screens