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The SpiroScout® spirometer by GANSHORN, featuring ultrasonic technology is the new age alternative
to the pneumotachograph. The SpiroScout presents the most modern technology on an easy to use and intuitive software platform.


  • Enhanced spirometry - featuring FEV1, FVC, MVV, ERV, VC, IC, PEF amongst a long list of available parameters
  • High resolution flow transducer - with 1,000 single measurement points per second (1000Hz) comparable devices are generally running at less than 200Hz
  • Calibration optional - an advantage that pays off daily
  • No perceptible resistance in the breathing insert especially helpful for patients with respiratory limitations
  • Real time BTPS correction - drift free, high accuracy (no changes of measurement values due to changing ambient conditions)
  • No substitute parameters for flow (e.g differential pressure)
  • Maintenance free no moving parts or resistance screens

View our SpiroScout Brochure here.

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