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Ganshorn | Provo-X

Ganshorn | Provo-X

Item Code: Ganshorn | Provo-X

Perform provocation tests quickly and easily with reproducible results. GANSHORN's Provo-X is an aerosol dosimeter that fulfils all necessary requirements. The threshold controlled, breath-synchronous application of the preset aerosol dose during the inspiration phase guarantees outstanding reproducible results.


 Available in: Australia
 Unavailable in: France, China

Features Include

  • Save time and money - adjust atomising time allowing for single aerosol concentration
  • Quickly switch between specific or non-specific bronchial challenge tests, single or multiple stage tests
  • Provocation series permanently stored - up to six different standard tests
  • Change the dose per stage - increase the provocation fluid concentration and/or change the total atomising time
  • Integration available with SpiroScout, PowerCube Diffusion+ and PowerCube Body+