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Ganshorn | CS-200 Excellence Ergospire

Item Code: CS-200 Excellence

High grade CPET system suitable for cardiology and respiratory medicine.
Perfect for consolidating services between departments - save on costs.

 Available in: Australia
 Unavailable in: France, China

Features Include

  • Integrated 12-lead Exercise ECG with full disclosure and scroll back options during Exercise test
  • SCHILLER ETM ECG analysis program with automatic measurement and interpretation
  • SAECG (Signal Averaged ECG) analysis of averaged ECG allow you to detect micropotentials
  • Vector 3D ECG (Vector ECG gives a 3-dimensional view on the electrical activity)
  • Protocol Editor program for creating individual protocols
  • EMR and HISdata integration through SCHILLER Server
  • Automatic arrhythmia detection and classification

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