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Bosch | Vivatmo pro

Bosch | Vivatmo pro

Item Code: BHC-VivatmoPRO

An intuitive and maintenance-free device for FeNO testing.

 Vivatmo pro was specially developed for professional use. Thanks to its simple measuring procedure and intuitive nature, it can be smoothly integrated into the workflow of the professional practice. Both physicians and patients benefit from the more efficient patient care.

Fundamentals of FeNO 

FeNO (fractional exhaled nitric oxide) is a biomarker for airway inflammation and reflects the inflammatory activity of allergic bronchial asthma. Shows patient response to treatment enabling correct prescription of medication

Features Include

  • Immediate results - available following the measurement
  • Flexibility of use - cordless measuring device and inductive charging
  • Easily transportable - optional carry case available
  • Effortless data and patient management - available directly via the touch screen with intuitive user guidance and visual animation
  • Integrate data - practice and clinic IT environment via HL7 or GDT interface
  • Cost effective - versus comparable device 
  • Maintenance-free system - at least 5,000 measurements
  • Award winning design