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e-chamber | Eco Spacer

e-chamber | Eco Spacer

Item Code: BHC-ECO-1
The World's first 100% recyclable flat-pack spacer.

The e-chamber eco is the first compact spacer that is 100% recyclable.

The unique design includes an integrated mask that can be used for infants and children to form a perfect seal around your nose and mouth to maximise your medication delivery.

With a universal MDI port, the eco spacer can accomodate a multitude of different inhaler options and brands.

Lightweight and compact, the eco spacer is perfect for school bags, glove boxes, first aid kits and much more!

Simply remove the spacer from the packaging, press the blue "press here" finger tabs and the spacer will "pop" into its functional shape. It is ready to use straight away, or tear off the front section to reveal the in-built mask if required.